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Our Offerings

Grub Cycle Products

Grub Groceries

Obtain surplus food products from supermarkets at an affordable price with no delivery cost

Grub Bites

Enjoy delicious surplus cakes and bakeries from as little as RM 3

Grub Homemade

Increase the lifespan of perishable food by creating a farm to table product out of surplus fruits and vegetables

Grub Bag

Part of our profit goes to subsidise the cost of basic food necessities for the lower income families

Grub Cycle in the Media

Click on the logos to read and watch us as we fight for our cause

The Grub Cycle Effect

Reduce Food Waste

Save edible surplus food from cafes and grocery stores from being thrown away.

Save money

Foodies will get the satisfaction of their money’s worth with every inexpensive purchase.

Help Others

Become an agent of change in your community – with each item sold, a percentage of the profit will benefit the underprivileged