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July 2017

Souka makan?

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If your answer is no, then we have a quote for you.
Someone once said, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

One of the best things in life is to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with a side of dessert. Maybe add a book in the mix too. At Souka Cafe, a bakeshop with outlets in Subang Jaya and TTDI, you’ll be able to do just that!

The selection of cakes at this cafe is heaven-sent. There’s a cake for everyone, no matter what your taste bud is like and whether you’re a chocolate, cheese, carrot or pandan cake lover.

Cupcakes: Red Velvet, Salted Caramel Chocolate, Death by Nutella

Chocolate fudge brownies with caramel drizzle

Classic carrot walnut cake

Red velvet, Mars Bar cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake, marble cheesecake, carrot cake, hazelnut torte – you name it, they have it. The desserts are also made daily, hence guaranteeing you the best taste possible.

Souka Cafe is also worth a visit if you’re looking to host an event or a birthday party as they allow you to purchase whole cakes. If you already have a certain type of cake in mind, you can also customise the cake to suit your preference!

If you’re not a sweet tooth, however, fret not as there are other hearty meals on the menu that can satisfy your savoury cravings..









Since we’re also partners with Souka Cafe, this means good news for all of us – you get to munch on yummies AND reduce food waste. Just follow these steps below so that you can get your sweet tooth cravings fixed!

  1. Download and sign up to use our app that is available on both iOS and Android
  2. Check out the Grub Bites section where there will be a list of surplus food available
  3. Retrieve the promo code by clicking on the desired food
  4. Head over to the cafe to purchase your yummy food item and show them your promo code
  5. Receive statistics on how much you’re saving



53 JALAN SS15/5A,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6 03 5613 3532
15 Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6 03 7732 2248 (TTDI)
Operating hours:
Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday : 11am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday : 11am – 12am

Born and Bread Cafe

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Were you born and bred to eat bread? Then there’s one cafe that you should definitely check out!

Conveniently located near the Titiwangsa LRT Station, the Born and Bread Cafe is perfect for you to have brunch or dinner with your friends and family or enjoy a quiet afternoon tea with a book in hand! The two year-old cafe offers a wide selection of both Asian and Western dishes, as well as baked goods such as cakes and pastries.

Linguine Bolognese with cherry tomatoes and black olives

Asian food selection at Born and Bread

The cafe also offers special lunch deals and student discounts (15% off!), and is
open to catering orders and space reservation for parties and events.

GC x Born and Bread

Moreover, since Born and Bread Cafe is a partner of Grub Cycle, you get to enjoy surplus cakes and pastries at a lower price. All you have to do is just follow these steps below and you’ll be THAT much closer to getting your munch on!

  1. Download and sign up to use our app that is available on both iOS and Android
  2. Check out the Grub Bites section where there will be a list of surplus food available
  3. Retrieve the promo code by clicking on the desired food
  4. Head over to the cafe to purchase your yummy food item and show them your promo code
  5. Receive statistics on how much you’re saving

Born and Bread Cafe

23, Jalan Larut, Titiwangsa Sentral, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday (9AM-11PM), Sat-Sun (8:30AM-11PM)

Tel: +60 12-980 3468

Olive Oil

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About Olive Oil

Pressed from fresh olives, olive oil is one of the most widely used oil in cooking and its health benefits aplenty. Olive oil not only reduces the risk of diabetes, but it also helps prevent heart diseases, fights osteoporosis as well as protect against different types of cancer. There are generally two types of commonly used olive oil: extra virgin and virgin. The former is mainly used for dipping and dressing, whilst the latter can be used for both dressing and for cooking.

Nutrition facts

Monosaturated fat – 77g

Polyunsaturated  – 8.4g

Saturated fat         – 13.5g


How long can olive oil be used after the expiration date?

Like many other food products, olive oil is safe for consumption or use even after the expiration date. Generally, a closed or opened bottle of olive oil, both extra virgin and virgin, can be used for up to 2-3 years if stored properly. The colour, texture and clarity of the product may change with age, but the product may still be safe to consume.

Further, it is also important to consider what is meant by the expirationdate. If the label states information regarding the time of minimum durability(TMD) of the olive oil, then this refers to the minimum time within which the product maintains its organoleptic properties (taste, colour, odour) as defined on the label. The standardised TMD for olive oil is 18 months from the date of bottling, but beyond this time, olive oil is still safe for consumption or use.

Here are some tips to extend your olive oil’s shelf life:

  • Store them in air tight containers
  • Keep them in a cool, dark place such as the pantry
  • Avoid placing them near appliances of high heat such as the stove or the oven

*Please note that while these are our recommendations on how to best store your olive oil, individual circumstances apply depending on the taste, odour and colour.


Liking what you’re hearing so far? Don’t miss out on our bargain olive oil deals below! Click here to purchase them.







5 Foods You Can Still Eat Past The Expiration Date

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Expiration dates printed on the packaging of foods at the supermarket are not always accurate representations of a food’s shelf life. These labels actually cause millions of pounds of food to be wasted every year as not many people actually understand what expiration dates really mean.

Here are 5 examples of food that you can safely eat past their expiration date:

1. Cereal

  • Like many other food products, cereals have a shelf life beyond its expiration date printed on their boxes. If stored properly – that is, in a cool, dry place – cereal can last for months after the sell-by date. If you’re at the store and you see your favourite cereal brand on sale, make sure you stock up fast! It might be a bit stale, but it can be eaten for at least another six more months.
  • Check out Grub Cycle’s selection of cereals here

2. Chocolate

  • Ever seen a whitish coating on the surface of your chocolate and think it’s expired? The white film is actually called “chocolate bloom” and it can be safe to consume. Just make sure that the chocolates are stored in a cool place!
  • Check out our selection of chocolates (such as Kit Kat, M&M’s and Ferrero Rocher) here!

3. Canned goods

  • Have you ever wondered why people in apocalypse movies have their food storage filled with canned goods? It’s because canned goods don’t expire for year after the expiration date! Since oxygen doesn’t get into the cans, bacteria can’t grow in them. For best results, they should probably be kept in a cooler, dryer and darker part of your kitchen.
  • Just in case you need to stock up.. Here’s Ayamas Kitchen Sardines in Tomato Sauce for only RM6.00 that expires on 16-Jun-2019!

4. Soft drinks

  • Did you know that most soft drinks have a best before rather than an expiry date printed on them? That’s because carbonated drinks can be consumed even after this date as they are formulated with additives in order to last longer.
  • The taste might not be of peak quality (hence, the ‘best before’ date) but they’re still consumable if stored properly! Food scientists estimate that those with regular sugar content can safely be consumed up to 6 months after their best before date whilst diet soda can last up to 4 months.
  • Feeling thirsty? Check out what canned drinks we have for you here!

5. Pickled foods: