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December 2018


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Eating food is under-rated by many, right? Well, food is far more than simply fuel to power your body, food also brings people together in a joint celebration of delicious taste and a multitude of aromas. Food can bring light in your darkest hour through re-energising and food even has the power to bring back vivid memories of those special moments in your life, sometimes more than a photograph, through sight alone, ever could.
But eating food can sometimes be embarrassingly messy too, right? It can also be surprisingly wasteful.

Lo and behold, through what we like to call market research (lunch and dinner outings), we have put together 5 food hacks that will be sure to help you eat some of your favourite foods in a less messy and less wasteful way.


1. Bite The Big Apple (How to eat an apple)

At first glance perhaps you might be saying to yourself “I know how to eat an apple”. In fact, the majority of people do it wrong all together (yes, including New Yorkers), leaving delicious parts untouched and adding to the landfill unnecessarily. Well, we have 3 simple steps that you can follow to enjoy even more of that scrumptious apple without wasting any of it.

1 – Don’t start by eating from the side, this is common practice that leads to the apple being unnecessarily wasted.
2 – Instead, DO start by eating from the bottom of the apple.
3 – Continue eating, enjoying nature’s deliciously sweet treat until you reach the stem.

That’s it you’ve got it, follow these 3 simple steps next time you eat an apple and you’ll find yourself getting more bite for your buck and preventing less from being thrown away. To watch a fantastic demonstration by Grub Cycle co-founder, Redza, CLICK HERE


2. Chicken Wings Fly Off The Plate (How to eat chicken wings)

Has it ever bothered you about how much juicy chicken is left on the bone and then ultimately discarded, when you and your friends dig into a tasty side order of chicken wings? Hmm, maybe it’s just us then… nevertheless, we have formulated a 3 step process to follow, so you can enjoy every last bit of that juicy wing.

1 – Twist and disconnect the cartilage. It might sound a little barbaric, but believe you me, it’ll be worth it when you get to enjoy all that extra juicylicious chicken.
2 – Remove the smaller bone from the wing
3 – Remove the bigger bone from the wing
4 – Dig in, you have now got yourself 100% pure boneless chicken….yum!
To check out a very expressive demonstration of how to follow these 4 steps CLICK HERE


3. Banish Those Burger Blues! (How to eat a burger)

Sometimes you just can’t beat a good ‘ol burger, but how annoying is it when that juicy goodness falls out when it crumbles and ends up on the floor, or worse, on your favourite shirt? Don’t worry we have you covered. Follow these 4 simple steps to enjoy a mess-free burger dinner!

1 – Hold your burger from the sides
2- Tuck your pinky below the burger, providing that very important support
3- Hold the burger firmly and take that initial bite
4-  Enjoy!

Continue this process and taste all of that delicious goodness with no fuss and no mess… perfect! To watch these 4 steps in action CLICK HERE


4.  Prawn Perfect. (How to eat a prawn)

For the seafood fans amongst you, this food hack is for you. So, to successfully de-shell a prawn, mess-free (you may say in a ‘so fish ticated’ way!) and enjoy it’s delicious taste, try these steps:

1 – Decapitate the prawn
2 – Stab the back of the prawn and carefully peel the shell off
3 – Cut the tail off
4 – Good job! Enjoy…

Repeat this process until you have a plate full of empty prawn shells and a satisfied appetite. To check out a demonstration of these steps CLICK HERE


5.  Cupcake Composure (How to eat a cupcake)

Eating a cupcake is one of life’s joyful experience, with all of those rich, delicious flavours in every bite. But are we the only ones that are left with a frosty moustache after eating? If you are like us, this food hack is just for you. Follow these simple steps to enjoy that sugary bliss.

1 – Remove the paper liner
2 – Using a knife slice through the middle (please take extra care when doing this)
3 – Take the bottom half and smash it on the icing
4 – Voilà, time to enjoy the energy rush.

Want a quick demonstration of how these steps are completed? Just CLICK HERE


So there you guys have it, 5 easy food hacks that you can try out for yourselves this week.

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