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Grub Homemade is a Grub Cycle’s active arm in tackling the issue of food waste and food utilization. We transform surplus or unwanted fruits and vegetables into a different form, thus increasing their life span.

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The Grub Home Made

What is it all about

Our in house Chef-In-Residence meticulously develops recipes based on high quality food commodities that would otherwise go to the bin. Don’t worry: we’re not recycling expired goods, but we use perfectly useable and quality ingredients that otherwise would be thrown away.

Our recipes are easy, affordable and of course, delicious! Get in touch with us to find out how you can better utilize food, or just to try out our products. Grub Homemade: making leftovers into bestsellers!

I'm not a fan of sugar and preservatives but when i am, i am very selective - and Grub's pineapple jam is as close to natural as possible (hence u gotta finish it fast - but that's not a problem), with just the right amount of sugar, un-jelly'd and LOTS of pineapples. The best part? It's part of Grub Homemade's line of farm-to-table products that utilises surplus fruits and vegetables. Now that's conscious eating for u and the planet


The pineapple jam is both good to have as snacks and in a sandwich. It's addictive!


I'm no food connoisseur, but believe me when I say, GCs pineapple jam is one of the best homemade jams I've tried. Love the balance of sweet and sour flavours that I'm sure must have taken loads of love, time and attention to achieve. Would definitely recommend for all to try. =)

Chermaine Low