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What’s it all about?

In 2016 we initiated Grub Cycle with the aim of combatting Malaysia’s excessive level of food waste. Having already rescued a significant amount of food from being wasted and having assimilated a community of 5,000 waste-hating ‘GrubLovers, we are thrilled to introduce you to the Grub Cycle app.In

The Grub Cycle app allows you guys to purchase an array of tasty dishes from a variety of restaurants, all for a bargain price. How do we do it? Simple, restaurants post their deliciously fresh, over produced food onto our app. Then our app users can purchase these treats for a bargain price

Grab yourself a bargain in 3 simple steps:

3 cool features of the app:

You can flick through to see which restaurants and cafes we have partnered with. These establishments have been hand picked, ensuring nothing but tasty, fresh, food and snacks, all available at your fingertips!

Our subscribe feature allows you to select your favourite restaurants and cafes. This means that whenever one of these establishments posts an item on our app, you will be notified!

Our app allows you to keep track of how much money you have saved and how much food you have prevented from being wasted. After every purchase, your accounts will update automatically.

Start your food saving adventure now:

A trusted solution for cafe and restaurant owners.


Does throwing away over-produced food cause your business financial pain?  Through becoming a Grub Cycle partner, we’ll present you with a trusted solution to this problem. 

Our app provides the opportunity to sell your surplus of food to our growing community of app users. Through doing so, you will gain additional revenue and minimise your level of food wastage and reach out to new customers.



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